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Iridium and Inmarsat satellite device solutions are rugged and ready for whatever mother nature can throw at them.

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The Iridium GO!

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  • Mobile

    Leverages and extends your existing trusted devices, is compatible with Apple® and Android™ operating systems.

  • Innovative

    Small enough to fit in your pocket and tough enough to withstand rain, sand, dust and rough use.

  • Affordable

    Iridium GO! is the first in a whole new category of personal satellite connectivity devices by combining satellites and cell phones.

  • Standardized

    Satellite, Real Global, Real Mobile, Real Reliable, Ideal for: Global and Business Travelers, Global Enterprise, Executives and Diplomats

  • Optimized

    Voice, SMS, Personal Cell Tower, Email, GPS Recomended to: Pilots, boaters, Truckers, Adventures, Explorers, Remote residents and Vacationers.

  • Ruggedized

    Jet Water Resistant, Shock Resistant, Dust Proof Required by: Emergency and first responders, Government and NGOs and Military Operations


The IsatPhone Pro

When it comes to what you really need in a satellite phone, IsatPhone Pro delivers. Built for the most reliable satellite communications network in the world, it delivers clear voice quality that you’d expect from the market leader.

Designed to work in just about any conditions it is rugged, reliable, and will withstand anything mother nature can throw at it. The IsatPhone Pro keeps you connected when it is needed most!

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IsatDock DRIVE Docking Station (for IsatPhone Pro)

Beam IsatDock DRIVE In-vehicle hands-free docking station provides a high quality semi-permanent installation for the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro. The docking station has in-built echo cancelling and full duplex technologies to provide superior voice quality and professional hands-free or privacy calls for various transport application.

The IsatDock DRIVE supports Tracking & Alert functionality via the dedicated in-built GPS engine. Tracking messages can be pre configured to support periodic reporting, manual position report update via button press, remote polling or the sending of an emergency alert messages all via SMS or SMS to email.

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The Iridium Extreme (9575)

Iridium Extreme is built with the same reliable voice and data capability that users have come to trust. It is a satellite solution that has been proven by customers over and over whether it is just to keep in touch on vacation off the grid or a call for help!

It is ruggedly engineered for support even in the harshest conditions. No matter where you are on the planet the Iridium Extreme is right with you at the ready for any situation!

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SatStation Extreme Dock (for Iridium Extreme)

The Extreme Dock is engineered specifically for the Iridium 9575, integrating with the phone’s Emergency SOS feature to maximize safety. The dock both charges the 9575 and connects to an external antenna using the connector on the bottom of the phone, eliminating the need for additional cables and adapters.

Equipped with an automatic stereo muting feature and car ignition connection, this dock is a ready-to-go vehicular solution. When paired with the Iridium Extreme your satellite communication solution will be stronger than ever with products proven in the field by our customers!

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Iridium 9555 product image - Apollo SatCom

Iridium 9555 (Uses ASE DK075 Docking Station)

The Iridium 9555 is not only the smallest phone Iridium has ever made, it’s also the most powerful.

With a significantly reduced footprint from our previous phone, more hand-friendly form factor, and aerodynamic features such as an internally stowed antenna, this sleek handset is designed to easily go wherever your customers do – including through your distribution channels.

Compact Power
Ruggedly Engineered
Reliable and Ready
Critical Lifeline
Easy to Use

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See what the Iridium Extreme has to offer!

Always ready, always rugged, always reliable, the Iridium Extreme is a proven solution; over and over.

  • « Our satellite communication solutions are customer centric meaning that we listen to what our customers want out of our existing products and we improve them. We are driven to provide the best the industry has to offer with every product! »


  • « Our network of satellites is built around the idea of having global coverage for whatever situation may arrive. No matter if you are stuck in a barren landscape or in the middle of the ocean we guarantee a signal! »


  • « We are here 24/7 for your every satellite communications needs. If you have a question about a new product or are having issues with an existing product we have people at the ready to help get you going since you probably have other things to worry about! »

    Apollo Sat Com


ASE-DK075: Iridium 9555 Docking Station

Applied Satellite Engineering’s ASE-DK075 docking station offers unprecedented reliability, superior intelligence, and rugged integrity to make an exceptional phone even better. Together, the Iridium 9555 and the ASE-DK075 offer an unsurpassed package of reliability, innovation, power and efficiency.

The ASE-DK075 provides office, vehicle and vessel customers with a dependable and critical lifeline via Iridium Satellite Network. The mobile satellite service, which offers the only pole-to-pole global communication coverage, enables the ASEDK075 to provide unfaltering satellite communication anywhere on Earth.